Lower cholesterol and the risk for cardiovascular disease.

This article originally appeared in Florida Health Care News Winter 2018 – The Villages Edition, it has been reformatted to fit our page.

 John Dacko is a lieutenant medic with the Brevard County firefighters. Each year, he undergoes a physical exam to ensure his fitness for duty. Part of that exam is routine bloodwork. Overthe past few years, John grew concerned over a specific result in that bloodwork.

“My cholesterol was slowly creeping up over the past two or three years,” discloses the Miami native. “The doctor started to really focus on my cholesterol and suggested changes in my lifestyle. For one, she recom- mended I cut out red meat and eggs and start eating more whole grains.

“I started working out five days a week, but with my schedule at work working a twenty-four-hour shift every third day and helping raise two young girls at home, it was difficult to get on a good diet and stay on it. So, I wasn’t able to change my eating habits. My total cholesterol stayed around one hundred eighty to one hundred ninety, even with working out regularly.”

We all have, and need, cholesterol in our blood. Cholesterol is a waxy substance made naturally in the liver. People also get cholesterol from animal-based foods they eat. Extra cholesterol can combine with fat and other elements in the blood to form plaque, which often builds up on the walls of the arteries and blocks blood flow. Plaque in the arteries of the heart or brain can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Cholesterol doesn’t travel through the bloodstream alone. It must be attached to a protein, and together, they’re called a lipoprotein. LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein, which means there is a lower amount of protein compared to choles- terol; essentially, a low density of protein. It’s often called the “bad” cholesterol because it tends to help form the plaque in the arteries. Doctors prefer low levels of LDL in their patients’ blood.

“I was talking about my concerns with my cholesterol levels with my father- in-law. He had been using Cholesterade®, and suggested I give it a try,” states John. “He said it may help lower my cholesterol, so I started taking it.”

“A large portion of the cholesterol issue in this country and worldwide happens to be from genetics,” describes Richard Goldfarb, MD, medical director of Go Epic Health, makers of a revolu-

“If a person’s cholesterol is only slightly elevated, the suggested treatment is generally a diet of low-fat foods and exercise. It is recommended to exercise three to four times per week for forty minutes each time.”

When cholesterol is on the higher side, treatment often involves medication, primarily statins. Unfortunately, these medications have many side effects, includ- ing muscle aches, liver damage, increased blood sugar, headaches and dizziness.

“Statins have been the gold standard for years to lower cholesterol,” confirms Dr. Goldfarb. “However, they have so many side effects. Cholesterade is a product developed several years ago by the inventor of Gatorade®, Dr. Robert Cade, who himself suffered from high cholesterol levels in his blood.

“With the formulation Dr. Cade created and clinically studied, he was able to lower his own cholesterol and decrease his level of statins, and eventually stopped taking them. “We suggest people take Cholesterade with each meal,” instructs Dr. Goldfarb, “so that even with a fatty meal, it is able at that time to bind with the exogenous cholesterol. The cholesterol is then eliminated from the body through the GI tract. “I don’t always get the three servings a day they recommend, but I usually take one in the morning and one when I get home from work. If I can remember to catch the third serving during the day, I will.”

A Natural Solution

Cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular disease is a killer. In the US alone, one person dies every 40 seconds from cardio- vascular disease. It claims more lives than all types of cancer and lower respiratory disease combined. If it were eliminated, the average life expectancy of Americans would increase by seven years. One way to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease is by lowering cholesterol.

“Cholesterade is a natural solution for lowering cholesterol,” notes Dr. Goldfarb. “It is a non-drug solution and, in fact, is a good way to reduce a person’s dosage of statins or eliminate them altogether. Cholesterade is a powder that is mixed in water to deliver nutritional compounds in an efficient manner.”

“I like the orange flavor as well as the mixed fruit flavor. I like them both,” shares John. “When you add Cholesterade to water, it mixes completely, so there’s no gritty taste in your mouth. It goes down smoothly, and is much better than most of the other dietary fiber supplements on the market.”

Cholesterade includes a patent-pending delivery technology called Go-Somes™. Go-Somes has demonstrated an ability to enhance nutrient bioavailability. Go-Somes spheres are multi-layered and hold fiber that is released into the gastrointestinal tract to help remove cholesterol from the body.

“Cholesterade has also proven to have additional benefits. People can manage their weight and even lose weight with this product. They have also been able to normalize their blood pres- sure, and quite a few feel more energetic. We don’t see these positive benefits with prescription medications.”

Recently, Go Epic Health created a new formulation with the addition of pro-enzymes. These pro-enzymes make the product better tolerated by the GI system by not irritating the GI flora. In addition, it improved the transdermal delivery, creating yet another benefit for users.

“With the addition of these pro- enzymes, we are seeing even better results in a shorter period of time,” reports Dr. Goldfarb. “In four to six weeks, we have seen dramatic results in many of our patients.

“There have been advancements to Dr. Cade’s initial recipe for Cholesterade. What Dr. Cade created back in the time he studied a natural remedy for increased cholesterol, we have been able to improve. We carry on his tradition and continue to improve some of the ingredients to make the benefits last longer.

“At Go Epic Health, we believe that in Cholesterade we have something dramatic to fight cardiovascular disease by treating the problem of increased cholesterol in the blood.”

Remarkable Results

John has been drinking Cholesterade faithfully for a year and a half. He is excited about the results he’s achieved already.

“This past April, when I had my bloodwork checked, my overall cholesterol dropped over forty points!” marvels John. “It was at one hundred eighty-nine in 20m6 and went down to one hundred forty-eight in 20m7. My total cholesterol went down because my LDL went down over thirty points.

“I don’t see a family doctor regularly, so I rely on my county physical, and I don’t get one until March or April 20m8,” reports John. “It will be exciting to show them my results and introduce them to Cholesterade as an alternative to some of the other things they recommend for lowering cholesterol.

“Cholesterade is working remarkably well. My numbers are impressive, and I will continue using Cholesterade.”

About Dr. Richard Goldfarb, MD

Dr Goldfarb received his undergraduate education at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He earned his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School in Illinois. Dr. Goldfarb completed his residency at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center and Akron Medical Center. He currently serves as medical director for Go Epic Health out of St. Petersburg, FL.




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