Huh? Cholesterade™ has Go-Somes?

     Cholesterade™ is formulated with a proprietary, and patent pending, delivery technology called “Go-Somes“. This technology has the ability to deliver nutritional compounds in a more efficient manner and is activated as soon as the Cholesterade™ powder is mixed in water.  This leads to more absorption in the stomach and along the GI tract than any other fiber supplement on the market today!

The Science of Go-Somes

Clinical research with the technology behind Go-Somes has demonstrated an ability to enhance nutrient bio-availability in a rapid fashion.  In addition, research has shown that Go-Some technology may improve retention of active compounds in human tissue models. The Go-Some spheres that deliver Cholesterade™ are multi-layered and therefore hold the our main ingredient, acacia fiber, at different individual layers within them. This causes the fiber to be sequentially released into the GI Tract so that the body can better utilize more of the beneficial aspects of the Cholesterade™  formula over an extended period of time. This not improves efficiency, but tolerance as well.

In addition to being a more efficient delivery system, Go-Some technology envelopes the ingredients in Cholesterade™ in minute carrier spheres that are bio-electric and bio-compatible. This unique quality helps this amazing product achieve maximum health benefits. The Go-Some technology, as used in the dry form within the Cholesterade™ powder, is believed to be the first and only delivery technology of its kind used in powdered nutritional formulas.

Try it for yourself…

In an 8-week study, users of Cholesterade™  lowered their LDL cholesterol an average of 21% That kind of success is unheard of with other fiber supplements on the market. We want everyone to see the results for themselves. Use Promo Code TRYIT25 and get 25% off your order at