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Words from Fred Davis about Cholesterade®

“I have followed Cholesterade for years and had samples that I used on my mother. It worked wonders in her heart issues , and also she had a major issue with her stomach after she ate most foods, which her stomach would go into extreme pain. Noticing how much it helped the pain and discomfort , and to the point of full recovery, it became a morning drink and a drink after dinner. I think it was the fiber in it that did the trick and I was very thankful for having the uses of Cholesterade. I even have a video of her using it and her saying how bad her stomach was and that Cholesterade helped. I have the video , but it’s not something I would like to show because it was at a very hard time from damage to her heart where they had to remove a 3rd of her left ventricle. That operation was years before using Cholesterade, and I wish we would have had it sooner as I feel she would not have had the issue that caused her poor health.

I thank the team for making Cholesterade a product people can now buy in stores and online, plus keeping Dr Cades vision and new product going. Long live the legacy of Dr Cade.”



Here’s what John Dacko has to say about Cholesterade®

“I am excited and I wanted to share with you my results after using Cholesterade for the past year. My numbers have dropped and the only thing I’ve done differently is added Cholesterade to my daily regime. I lead a pretty active life style and consider myself healthy.  I work out 5 times a week and have a pretty crappy diet. My work keeps me up at all hours of the night and sleep is something I don’t regularly get. One thing concerning to my doctor was my cholesterol.

I happened across Cholesterade and began using it 3 times a day. After 2 months, I cut back the servings to once and sometimes twice a day.

Because of my active schedule getting two servings a day is tough. I have religiously been taking one serving every morning after I wake up. The numbers are impressive and I will continue using Cholesterade for the foreseeable future.

Please see the attached lab results from 2016 and 2017 showing the improved cholesterol levels. I can’t wait to see what the numbers show in 2018.”

John’s Pre-Cholesterade Results



John’s results after using Cholesterade regularly


Meet Ken Haidaris, President of Sunrise Entertainment in Warren, Ohio…

Because of his family history of diabetes and heart disease, Ken started taking Cholesterade for 4 months before his yearly physical at Cleveland Clinics. His positive results not only surprised the medical staff but can also effect his insurance rates for Life and Health. He has a family history of Diabetes and Heart Disease. You can check out the benefits of Cholesterade for yourself! Use #promocode TRYIT25 for 25% off your order, or find a store near you, at https://goepicshop.com


A medical professional who is also a client….  Paula DiMarco-Young

We are going to let the video speak for itself on this one:



Or how about the test results Ron Adams sent in to us:


This is the blood test I took after taking Cholesterade for 10 weeks. I did not change my exercise routine or diet, and, in fact, have not worked out as because of a recent shoulder injury. Nevertheless, here is the proof in the pudding:

7-11-2017 (Before Cholesterade):


Total Cholesterol……….362





9-15-2017 (After taking Cholesterade for 10 weeks):



Total Cholesterol……….253





Ron’s actual report!




And the testimonials just keep coming in from social media…

She was even nice enough to send us her whole story:

Dodi on Horsback“My name is Dodie Sable. I am a 55+ Native American woman. I am a pet groomer and pet nutritionist. I grew up on a farm and still maintain a vegetable garden and herb garden. I eat fairly healthy, mostly whole foods and little to none processed foods. I am genetically predisposed to borderline hypertension and cholesterol levels as long as I can remember. I also have a 50% plaque blockage in my heart so my doctor is concerned for both these health issues.

I am very, very active competing in the extreme sport of endurance riding, and as a mobile groomer I am on the go all day long working with animals. I do not do drugs, of any kind, so have been very resistant to taking statins or beta blockers.

This past February 2017 my annual blood work came back with my cholesterol level near 300 and my good and bad levels inverted. My doctor became insistent that I start on a statin to reduce my cholesterol. I was resistant and started researching alternate options for reducing my levels.

My friend recommended joining in a clinical study for Cholesterade. I jumped on it and started the daily intake of the supplement. I added a scoop to my yogurt in the morning and a scoop in my fruit-smoothie in the evening. I did not have any dietary changes during this period of time. I have had no side effects and no changes to normal body functions.

At 90 days we did fasting blood work to see where my levels were. A picture says a thousand words.

2/10/2017 8/15/2017 11/6/2017
Cholesterol HDL >40 mg/dl 49 45 45
Cholsterol, LDL <130mg/dl 193 155 141
Cholesterol, Non-HDL <160mg/dl 225 175 162
CHOL/HDL Ratio 5.59 4.89 4.84
Cholsterol <200mg/dl 274 220 203
Triglyceride <150mg/dl 160 99 95

My general practitioner and my cardiac physician were astonished at the results in August. Because neither of them were comfortable with these results we did another in-office test at 90 days, non-fasting, and the results are clearly true. My cardiac physician talked to me at length about the supplement and I gave him the website to review on his own.

I will be doing my annual fasting blood work again in February 2018 and I am hoping to see another reduction.

A pleasant bonus to this supplement is a reduction in my sugar levels and an increase in my energy levels. I have not lost, nor gained any weight during the time I have been on this supplement. At this time I have only used the Fruit Punch flavor and am just using one scoop in the morning in my yogurt.”




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